Dynamic excitation on a spacecraft

Historic measurement from 2000

This example combines the Vibrografie System with  a Piezoshaker Modul for a non-destructive inspection. The heat shield with C-Si-C (carbon fiber-silicium composite) of the prospective recovery vehicle/ spacecraft x38 was reviewed by Shearography.


For an easier handling the Piezoshaker module is compressed on the surface of the object via suction base .
(a) Piezoshaker module, (b) the heat shield of the spacecraft X38 (c) Flight of the spacecraft X38.



The picture shows the determination of times of the heat shield with the natural frequency (1400 Hz).



Local vibration forms of defects at 10kHz and 18 kHz of the nose hood in the marked area of the image. During the inspections two defects have been detected at the upper area of the dog.