Dynamic loading on rudder blade



Detection and measurement of defects on a rudder blade by the SE-Sensor and dynamic loading.


Setup for measurement on a rudder by dynamic loading.

The direct rigid mounting of the sensor on the rudder by the suction cups allows outdoor measurement even at strong winds with high flexibility. The high quality interference filters of the sensor permits measurement under day light conditions.


NDTRuder3   NDTRuder5  NDTRuder4

A: 9,3 kHz                                            B: 7,5 kHz                                           C: 5,5 kHz

Measurement results (time average) showing local vibration modes of defects due to reduced or inhomogeneous stiffness of the material. Even if a big field of view is selected, it is possible to detect small defects. Defect size and type as well as the depth of the defect (delamination) determine the normal modes (resonance frequency) of the local defect area.